05 May 2015

A new link - Un nuovo link

I just found this blog.

It's from an italian surfer who lost a leg in an accident years ago.
He's fighting with his disability and he's working hard to find a good prosthetic which can let him surf properly. And he's also helping a kid in Bali. And he's also trying the get  enough funding to take part of ISA World Adeptive Surfing Championship. 
I'm speechless.

Well, he deserves all our respect, and more.
Check out is welcoming page, or follow the link on the right.
I'm in contact with him now. I may write some updates here every now and then.

I wish him all the best.

Ho appena trovato il blog di Fabrizio Passetti.
Fabrizio ha perso una gamba anni fa ma non ha perso l'intenzione di surfare!
Credo sia una persona degna di nota e che meriti tanto rispetto.
Non c'e' bisogno che io scriva altro, date un'occhiata al link e leggete un po'. 
Gli auguro tutto il meglio. 

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