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This was a big wipe out on a rainy day in Noosa. The board flew high and took this great view of the wave.
A friend tried to record my ride in Stradbroke Island. Too far..

Unfortunately most of this snap shot are taken with the GoPro mounted on my old cheap longboard.

Byron Bay

Rainbow Bay - Coolangatta

Noosa - National Park

Surf mobile!


Moreton Island

A great pic taken a day when I couldn't catch a single wave!

A beautiful effect that happens only if you can nose-dive like I do

I love this one. It's a perfect 2ft wave and I'm totally screwing it. Also I'm flying down but my body didn't touch the water just yet. 

A sort of bottom turn, the beginning of a really nice ride. I love when the water is so clear and the sun shines. It adds to my happiness.

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