09 August 2014

Frustration #3

This is the lowest point so far.

In the last two months I missed several occasion to go surfing, then two weeks ago on saturday I was free but a northerly wind ruined the small swell. It was supposed to be better on sunday but on sunday I had to work. And my workmate was sick. Really sick. And there was a strong smell of paint all over which came from who knows where. So by the end of the day I felt shit. And then I felt worst. I didn't have fever but my body ached.
I spent the week looking forward to go surfing and at the same time feeling shit.
I didn't go surfing.
I started having pain on my arms, specially the right.
Now it's the second week that I drag myself around and obviously I'm here, writing this, instead of being at the beach having fun with the small swell passing by.
Yet again I'm not surfing, and worst of all I can't lift my right arm.
What the fuck is it?
Blood test are done and say nothing.

My mood is six feet under.

There's no comparison between a frustrating day in the water and the frustration of not being able to go surfing. 

I'm not surfing, my body aches, I don't know what to do and I just feel like crying.

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