30 June 2014

Quicksilver sport watch - review

You know Swatch? The brand?
It was mostly unknown in Brisbane since not long ago. I think most of people still don't know about it, even if they are now available at DJ and other shops.
Swatch is a very big brand in Europe, and they made their fortune in the 80's, when someone in Switzerland (where else) had the idea to create a cheap and disposable watch. They were, and are, colourful, fun, and come in every forms, shapes and materials. Also, at the beginning, before they sold millions of models, they were actually cheap.
So the point is, I think I always had a Swatch on my wrist since I was 15 or so.
That means that I started surfing with my orange plastic watch, which you can spot in this video, for example.
Well, my loved cheap orange plastic thing (which I had for some years) came with me in the water, not missing a session in more than two years.  It endured greatly all my struggling and then, last year, one day, without giving me any clue of unwellness, it died, sadly.
I can't live without a watch.
When last year I went to visit Torquay I decided that my souvenir would be a brand new "surfing watch", made to face the greatest wipeout and last a milion years.
See the picture above?
Very thick (twice a swatch) stainless steel plus don't know what special glass and what else.
Did you read the post Time Traveling, published the 9/2/14?
That was the first clue that this watch is shit.
I bought it on July and by February it started to die. And if you read this blog you know I didn't surf much. That's why I wrote Time Traveling. How could I believe the new, made for surfing watch wouldn't last a year?
Well, as a matter of fact it didn't. 10 months. Dead.
Thank you Quicksilver.
I didn't find the warranty yet, but honestly, I'm not looking forward to have another one of this thing.
So, what's my review?
Crap. Expensive crap. 

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