11 February 2014


I have a weekend in Noosa coming which was booked weeks ago.
Wave forecast? Horrible. No, worst: total shit.
How is that possible?
I've been there in Christmas and it was flat, I went away for two weeks and it was great, I'm going back there and it's shit.

Why? Why? Why?
How frustrating this could be?
Can someone give me a break?
Last time I had a good day of waves was November. Before that it was in April!! What do I have to do? What? I'm sick of this!
I've lived the last 60 days knowing that my full weekend in Noosa was coming, waiting and dreaming of using my new board on real waves.. and now what? Let's throw money out of the window!
You really don't know how frustrated I'm.

Now what? It's Tuesday 11th and I'm already waiting for the next Sunday the 23rd, as Saturday I'll be working. Does that mean I will have fun that day? No. Could be fun or shit again. And February is gone.
I know I could be a good surfer. I know I can progress further. I'm loving it and I know I can put the pieces together. It's not too far from that. But give me the chance to try! Give me the chance!!

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