23 November 2014

New beginning

Its' like I'm starting from 0.

Following my physiotherapist's suggestion I went to the lake with the cheap 8'2 board and started paddling on the flat water. Well beyond kookness.

I think I made 30m when I felt the pain in my right shoulder and by 50m I was tired anyway. I insisted a bit, resting, paddling a bit, resting, paddling a bit. I realized that I won't be able to catch a wave right now, unless it's one of those where you don't really need to paddle. But the point is: I'm really really weak. I've a whole lot of work to do on me. Shit.
I'm happy because the day I'll hit the water again is coming, but at the same time I'm down because it will take time to get back where I was. Not to mention my ability on the board. Where will I be? No idea mate. But at least I'm doing something: I finally jumped back on my Goofboard and on the Surfstik skate. On both I noticed I could stand and use them, but I lost a lot of confidence and abilities. A lot.
I need to find the time to work on my body and on those two toys.
I want my surfing back.

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